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The Working Journey, established 2001, is a niche consulting company that has long term relationships with a range of clients across Australia and globally through our international network. Over the years the models and approaches we use have deepened and evolved with our experience and expanded use. We provide a bespoke service with full support to our clients and have in place a number of alliances that allows us to deliver a range of services.

We predicate an approach on being “Requisite” - as required by nature - which offers a well-researched, robust and pragmatic approach to designing, filling and leading enterprises. This integrated approach to Structure, Talent and Leadership has evolved over more than fifty years across a wide range of industries. 

The Working Journey provides niche services to;

CEO, Board and Chair Short Course  - Where should boards add their unique value?  The role of Manager Once Removed for Chair and Executives, the importance of understanding Capability and Personally Earned Authority.  Half Day - this workshop is  available from 2014.

CEOs on Designing and Operating Effective Enterprises.  Structure and lead for resilience using principles that have evolved and been used for over a half century.  Grounded in the way nature structures complex adaptive systems.

Managerial Leadership    Integrated or seperate programmes on designing requisite Structure, People management and Leadership through teaching effective practices. 

The Working Journey uses models and practices that have rigour, are valid, integrative, cross industry relevant  and whose continued use by organisations for four decades or more proves sustainability.  Based on the work of Dr Elliott Jaques, Gillian Stamp, Clare Graves and many others, it is the only leadership approach based on TIME and building resilience for AMBIGUITY AND UNCERTAINTY. 


Organisational Design: What your University Forgot to Teach You (2013) by Andrew Olivier... limited number of signed copies available. Click here

The Working Journey - A guide to Human Capability (2003) by Andrew Olivier.  Click here

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Since 2001, assisting executives and owners to accelerate delivery by releasing the potential in their organisation through fundamental principles of design, capability and leadership.

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Andrew really helps think through strategy and the organisational structure and skills, capability and experience that it will take to execute. He is the best in the field. So often ...

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